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Business Facilitation Services is an initiative of the Ministry Primary Resources and Tourism to provide investors intending to set up an industry in Brunei Darussalam with fast, efficient and business-friendly services and assistance throughout the various stages of business start-up, maturity, growth and expansion of their industrial activity.
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Bagaimana hendak mendaftar sebagai pengguna eMIPR (perseorangan / syarikat / Koperasi)?
Untuk mendaftar sebagai pengguna eMIPR, Ada dua jenis pendaftaran yang disediakan perseorangan atau Syarikat/Koperasi. Sila pilih jenis pendaftaran dengan menekan pautan yang disediakan "Individual" atau "Company/Cooperative" dan mengisikan borang yang disediakan dengan mengisi maklumat yang diperlukan dengan lengkap. Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi KPSSU Meja Bantu, 2380599 atau 2380600.
What is the progress of Brunei's tourism industry? What kind of targets have been achieved by Brunei Tourism?
Tourism in Brunei is experiencing a healthy development in the last few years, albeit from a small basis. Foreign air arrivals for the year 2007 indicate a rate of growth in the order of 12.9% above the figures achieved in 2006, themselves 25.3% above 2005, and exceeding the original target of 7% growth, with total arrival figures reaching 178,540 foreign tourists entering Brunei by air in 2007. To this total, an estimated minimum 20% to 30% more tourists enter Brunei by land and sea border crossings, though this is only an estimate as data from land and sea borders only records visitor movements, including those entering the country for purposes other than tourism.
How is Brunei Tourism promoting Brunei as a unique tourist destination?
Brunei Tourism is using a branding and imaging since the last two years that defines Brunei as a destination rich in natural, cultural, heritage and contemporary attractions. This branding and imaging has been well received in the markets and is carried through our promotional materials, website and advertisements. Though many destinations in the region can boast of similar attractions, what makes Brunei stand out is the peace, safety and tranquility, far from the crowds and the usual mercantilism found in other more frequented tourist destinations, that tourists can enjoy when in the Kingdom. Furthermore, with pristine natural environments being so easily accessible in Brunei, it allows many people to experience a tropical rainforest habitat in the Heart of Borneo without the efforts and time needed in other places where rainforests, or fauna such as the proboscis monkeys, can only be seen after long road and longboat trips.
Why is promoting the tourism industry important for Brunei?
Brunei needs to diversify its economy and find new sources of revenue besides oil and gas, and the country needs to create employment for the younger and future generations, as well as to nurture a spirit of entrepreneurship, especially among the youth. Services in general, and tourism in particular, is one economic activity that can provide an answer to these questions, as most oil producing countries have clearly understood, as can be seen from the trillions of dollars invested in the Gulf area in this sector. Tourism not only creates direct jobs to service the needs of visitors, it also spurs people to start businesses to cater for the visitors. The increased presence of visitors also brings benefits to a number of other sectors producing goods and services used by the visitors and those directly servicing them. Tourism is also the best way for showcasing a country, and in the case of Brunei with its healthy, stable, peaceful and wholesome lifestyle, it is the best way to convince investors in other sector
Apa syarat/keperluan untuk mendapatkan insentif Pertanian?
1.Mestilah berdaftar dengan Jabatan Pertanian 2.Mengisikan borang A dengan disertakan gambar 1 keping dan salinan I/C
How many other forest parks are there in Brunei and how do I go there?
There are about 8 forest parks in Brunei. There are: Bukit Shahbandar Forest Recreation Park, Bandar Seri Begawan, accessible by car Berakas Forest Recreaction park, Bandar Seri Begawan, accessible by car Bukit Subok Recreation Park, Bandar Seri Begawan, accessible by car Telisai Recreation Park, Tutong District, accessible by car Sungai Liang Forest Recreation Park, Belait District, accessible by car Luagan Lalak Forest Recreation Park, accessible by car Bukit Patoi Forest Recreation Park, Temburong District, accessible by car and boat, arrangement can be made through inbound tour registered above. Pulau Selirong Forest Recreaction Park, Temburong District, accessible by boat, arrangement can be made throungh inbound tours registered above. Further information about this park can be obtained from the website:http//
Characteristics & Qualification for the Contractor to join/involve in Forest Plantation Project?
Background on forestry or related field and must have experienced in that area at least 3 years or more.
How do we visit the National Herbarium?
Visitor has to apply for permission from the Director of Forestry. Application can be addressed to: Forestry Department Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources Jalan Menteri Besar BB3910 Negara Brunei Darussalam
Mission and vission for Forest Plantation Unit
To establish at least 30,000 ha plantation and to be self-sufficient in timber supply for the country.
When was the Brunei Herbarium Established?
Collection of flora in Brunei Darussalam was initiated by J. S. Smith who was then a seconded Forest Officer from the Malayan Forest Sercvice in 1933. During the early days of its establishment, most of the collection only amongst the important species commercial timber. Now, Brunei Herbarium has its own building which is located at the Forestry Centre Sungai Liang.
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